Banana Point is located near the Village of Aourir, also called Banana village due to the many banana plantations that are grown in the river bed facing the spot. It’s a mellow right hander point break, that can be full of round stones at the end of the season of the big swells (Around Mai), but is ussualy covered of sand from August to December. It’s got some very long rides to offer, and it’s a spot that can surprise you with it’s quality of wave. So much fun!!!

Devil’s rock is one of the most consistent surf spots of the area, in the summer, if you don’t want to drive till Tamri for some fun surf, you can always stay in this very close surf spot. This means also that it can get crowded, and the locals there are not always the friendliest. Just avoid rush hours and you can get some fun surf sessions with just “The emperor of cool” (dread locked guy that sells neckless there) . The wave is a beach break, but under the sand, it’s rocks. When big swells wash the sand banks away, you can notice the rocks for a couple of weeks before the sand banks build up again. Fun left and rights.

A point that ends on a massive beach that goes till devil’s rock This beach is very good for beginners, but in high tide only, as at low tide it has a gnarly shorebreak when the swells gets to a decent size. The point is good for intermediate to advanced surfers when it’s more than 5 ft. Panorama’s can be a very fast and barreling waves when the swell and the winds take the right direction. Good training for your paddling as it’s usually long rides. Good vibe on it’s beach as well, people can soak up some sun and surf the Moroccan waves in a friendly atmosphere.

Hash point, the surf spot located in the middle of the village of Taghazout, this point break that we have seen unbelievably perfect before it got covered by the sand, and tends to close faster than it used to do is as says the legend. The spot of the stoners. All those that wake and bake surf hash point rather than Anchors in Taghazout. It’s still fun and easy for beginners and intermediate and it has a good reformation while it’s getting to the beach. Definitely a “Bake’n surf” spot.

Anchor Point is may be the most famous Moroccan point break, but is also a very good and consistent one. Start working at 3ft and holds up to 15ft and more, as we’ve seen it breaking several times in the last 20 years. With 3 different sections, it’s got reef and sand bottom along a rocky point. The first section and second are great for cover ups and turns and the last one just gets hollow and fast.

Mysteries is a very good right hander point. The take off zone is on a reef that gives it’s name to the surf spot. The mysterious Mystery’s reef. It’s one other world class right hander in the golden perimeter between Anchors and Killers. It can reach about 250m long, and is fairly more accessible than the other points of the area. Can get hollow and fast thow as well. Good spot for intermediate to advanced surfers.

Killer Point get it’s name from the Killer whales that come enjoy the calm of this bay during the summer months, the waves starts at the north end of the cliff, which makes it a quiet long paddle if the tide is not low enough to walk along the cliff to get to the first sections. Barely and fast, killers is a very good waves and have a lot to offer. If you are staying at our Killer point apartments, the wave brings you till your door steps after an over 300m ride. Again, one of the Moroccan reliable spots in terms of perfection and quality of waves.

Boilers is a reef break located just before the light house in Cap Ghir, it’s a reef break where you can see the boiler of a boat at the start of the wave from where the spot got it’s name. The waves if fast and can have barrels sections, especially if it’s more than 6 ft. The rides can get to 400m long, from the boiler to the white house, but better be fast if you want to connect the sections there. It’s also famous for it’s see urchins. At less than 4 ft, boilers can be a wave for advanced intermediates to advanced, bigger than that, don’t venture if you are not sure about what you are doing. It’s one of our surf guides favorite play ground!!

Tamri Beach is the most consistent surf spot ever. When ever it’s flat every where, you can always get a fun surf at Tamri. In the summer time. It’s where the local surfers from the Area of Taghazout and Agadir can still get some very fun surf in the summer months. If the sand banks are good, Tamri can be confused with beach breaks like Puerto Escondido or some French hollow and good looking beach break. Works on different tides, depends how the banks are, and also on the swell. Very reliable.

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